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2018-19 Digital Slide battles
Club Score Position
Gala 249 1st
Hawick 220 2nd
Selkirk 199 3rd

2017-18 Borders Digital Challenge result
Club Score Position
Musselburgh 146 1st
Dumfries 144 2nd
Galashiels 141 3rd
Morpeth 135 4th
Amble 131 5th=
Earlston 131 5th=
Peebles 126 7th
Kelso 125 8th
Berwick 124 9th
Hawick 121 10th
Liddesdale 120 11th
Abbey 116 12th

2017-18 Image of the Year Competition winner
Well done to Brian Marriott with this excellent image "Serenity"

2017-18 Print of the Year Competition winner
Well done to Dennis Laing with his excellent print "In Control"

The annual sequence competition was held on the 1st February with Film and Video Group members Jean Tait and Betty Burney judging.

Results as follows:-

Digital sequence,

First - "Sand, Soda and Limestone" by Gordon Gilfether. View here

Second - "Cruise Hermitage" by Sandy McVittie.

Third - "Image of Scotland" by Bernie Gajos.

Print sequence,

First - "Threave Gardens" by Bert Lancaster.

2017-18 Digital Slide battles
Club Score Position
Kelso 242 1st
Hawick 231 2nd
Liddesdale 217 3rd

Details, rules and subjects of competitions for the forthcoming season can be found here

Novice Competition
The aim of the Novice Competition is to develop the skills of members by encouraging participation in Club Monthly Competitions being marked as a separate group.
It is for members who have less than two full years of competitive participation with the Hawick Camera Club or any other Photographic organisation.
Entry should be identified by adding the letter N beside member's allocated PIN.
A trophy will be awarded to the "Novice" member who obtains the highest accumulated score in the projected image section of the HCC's annual points league.
Winners of the trophy will not be eligible for the Novice Category in subsequent seasons competitions.